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 Guild Policy

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PostSubject: Guild Policy   February 12th 2008, 4:11 am

Our guild was first founded by Favrielle,Bloodica,Amala,Keb and few other who i have forgot since they left very soon after guild was created. at first our guild was started with mostly all lvl 30ish noob, but as we lvl up, we began to develop various of rules and policy to improve our guild and decipline ourself.

Foundamental rules which every Requiem members must follow.

1. Every Requiem member have to play legit, no glitch, no hack or any other form of illegal activity.

2.It is forbid to pk our own race, unless you have been atked by other first, or they just acting plain stupid and keep taunting you. however you should always inform senates first.

3. It is mandatory to leave a msg on forum and let a senate know if you are going to be away for awhile. fail to do so could get kick out of guild.

4. for the time being CW will be optional for all Requiem members.

5. It is mandatory for every Requiem:Main members to attend PitBoss raid at scheduled time. unless have unique situation then you may excused with senate's permission.

Requiem 2
Requiem:Sub, currently is our alts guild. Unlike the main, their policy are much less strict and more suitable for casual players and lowbie.
Things must know for Requiem:Sub members:

1.Main guild has a lvl requirement of 45+, while the sub guild is lvl 35+.

2.The First Three Foundamental Rules applys to everyone including the sub guild members.

3.CW is optional. However as a Cora you should always attend CW as much as possible to support your community.

4.PB is also optional, they can choose to come whenever they want to but they will recieve minimun share of rewards.

5.Members of Main and Sub may switch guild at any time as long as meet the guild requirement and there are rooms avaliable. Simply make a post in the General Topic and wait for an senate to contact you.

6.Requiem:Sub are allow to host their own events. If need any helps, can always request from the man guild.

PitBoss Raid:
1. Other then the basic items these also must have: Andernalin potion, Defense potion, HQ wrap Scroll, Wind weapon,

2.Be quick, Be fast, learn the location of every pb, no one will come pick you up and take you to the PB, its your responsibility to learn where they are locate at.

3.Everyone need certain mob for Quest, but pb raid are mainly for loots, find yourself a party as soon as possible and dont whine if did not get the quest credit.

4.PB raid ususally lead by Bloodica,Doz and loleron, ask them for party when you get to the PB.

5.You are allow to join up any pick up raids if you wish, but try not to start any drama on lootz.

So far all these all i can think of, any other senate have something to add or fix, please msg me anything.

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PostSubject: Re: Guild Policy   February 12th 2008, 2:40 pm

addendum to 2. and 3.

You are only required to attend when you're playing RF anyway.
Please do not interrupt your sleep, work or school -_-
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Policy   February 29th 2008, 8:13 am


all CWs are now optional.

until we get tons of l50 members Mad
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Policy   

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Guild Policy
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