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 Guild Management

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PostSubject: Guild Management   February 16th 2008, 2:23 am


CW LEader:

PBLeader : Doz, Amala

Party Leader:Zione

in the past, most of time always been me who bossing the guild around and pushing people to do things. but as our guild is getting bigger and better, its kinda hard for just one person to do all things and yet keep it organize. so i am thinking lets split up the duties and each of us take a share of responsibility to help the guild become even better.

i think we can split the guild duties into four parts:

1. Recruiter: recruit guild member, but also keep eye in the guild, enforce guild policy, kick those fail to meet our standard. (2-3 ppl)

2. CW Leader : someone take charge of guild During CW, get people together, organize party, and show some tactics.(2 pp)

3.PB leader: schedule pb raiding time, gather people, organize party, add quest people in, split loots, auctioner, (4 ppl)

4. Party leader: this is for party during normal time, start guild party, do BD, plvl lowbie, Guild Farming, organize cp farm.(3 ppl)

If you are interested in a position apply it in General Topic section, Under "Future Guild Management" thread

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Guild Management
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