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 PT-ing guide

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PostSubject: PT-ing guide   February 28th 2008, 9:43 am

So, somebody needed me to make them a PT-ing guide.
This only covers the combat 6: Melee, Range, Summon, Force, Shield, Defense.

Is PTed fastest on 7 dot mobs. (5-10 lvls higher than yourself).
6 dot will also do (exactly 4 lvls higher than yourself).
1-5dot (3 lower to 3 higher), is most likely not suitable.

Using another player, another paimon or your own paimon to tank the monster will save you a lot on pots.

Using a white weapon, or a lower level weapon will allow you to gain more pt off one monster, before you need to get another one. Don't be afraid to gimp your own damage.
The one thing you need to watch, is that "you do the minimum amount of damage required to earn your pt". It's roughly 3% of the mob's total hp. It's harder on Ace, much harder on Champion, and very hard to do on Elite monsters.

Wear a full set of ranger armor. Melee and Force armor slow your attack speeds (compared to being naked).

Use your basic melee buffs.

Use a 1hand-knife. It has the fastest melee attack speed.

Do not use a shield. It slows your attack speed.


Same rules for selecting which mob to pt on. Note that range does less damage per hit, so you may need a weaker mob to break the minimum damage.

Same rules for getting a tank.

Wear a full set of ranger armor. Melee and Force armor slow your attack speeds (compared to being naked).

Use your basic range buffs.

Use a gun. It has the fastest range attack speed.


Use Inanna. The amount of summon pts she gives you are disproportionate to the other summons.
And she will max out your pt much much faster than anyone else.

The best way to get her to heal (since, she will only auto-heal you if you are already injured), is to grab any mob that won't kill you, and just take damage from it, w/o attempting to kill the monster.

If the monster, gives you defense pt. That's even better.


Same rules for picking a target. Note that some monsters are resitant to certain elements.

You want to be using ALL 5 elements to pt your total Force pt faster.
I use the 4 elements in rotary, for damage. And I'm always using the Dark.

As long as you still make the minimum damage:
- use the weakest spells of each element
- dont wear force armor, wear melee (range wont help here)
- use a weak staff

Your dark pt does not have to keep up with the other 4 elements.
I GMed force with about 54 basic dark, 68 in each of the 4 basic elements, 0 in expert/elites.


These can be trained together since they both require one thing: the right monster bashing your head in.

Whatever shield/def pt you get from doing the above 4 is a bonus.

Shield/def should be maxed on all characters whilst the mobs can still do 1 damage to you. (under level30).

Shield/def pt is maxed in the l40-50 character range.
You would want at least 40 pt in both before this point.
(having less shield, will make it harder for you to block)

The monster used is Assassin Builder A. (ABs)
These give 125 pts to characters lvl40-45 (both shield and def)
100 pt to l46
75 pt to l47
50 pt to l48
25 pt to l49
(cap your def pt at l49 >:O)

The trick to this tactic is that you MUST use a tank. Another player or a paimon.
Golden paimons and above can gain experience off ABs. Anything less should be unacceptable.

The ABs attack is a ground slam, centered on the target. It does splash damage, in a circular area of effect, with a radius of about 3 metres (10 ft).

The edge of the zone experiences very little damage. (less than 300 per hit).
The center of the zone experiences very high damage. (more than 6000).

Either spot will get you the same pt amounts.
The edge will cost you less pot money.

One key aspect to remember is that the circle is centered on the target (player or paimon).
And not centered on the AB.

Because of this, using 2 ABs at once, or more is a non-issue.
You need only position yourself 3 meters from the target.

In PTing def, you are also subject to the same 'minimum damage' rules. (so the 150 zone is not suitable).
Shield will pt anytime you block, even if it wouldve been only 1 damage.

Shield will most likely cap first. At that point, take off your shield.

You'll often find whole parties of players PTing def off ABs. When partied, You leech def pt off each other. So party up.

It is VERY important never to deal damage to the ABs.
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PostSubject: Re: PT-ing guide   February 28th 2008, 12:21 pm

I've pretty much given up on pt'ing for now, got boring. I'm just concentrating on GM'ing my spells and leveling my summons.

I understand the need for pt'ing range, it raises total SP, Def raises total HP. Force raises FP (I think - mine is GM'd so I can't remember) and Shield is good for throwing on a high level shield for block and hauling tail to get out of sticky situations. What is melee good for? (Speaking in terms of a Spiritualist)
Also, did I miss anything as far as the other pt's go? Like, is there another benefit to pt'ing range other than higher SP? ie: range of spells, etc. I can just use SP pots.

I'm not trying to disuade anyone from pt'ing I'm just trying to figure out when I really should be doing to use my game time in the most effective way possible, on my quest to get to lvl 50.
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PostSubject: Re: PT-ing guide   February 28th 2008, 3:34 pm

i'm a spec so, for me, GMing everything means l50 weapons and armor all round.

other classes >_>.........

but in any case, if you get it done, and i mean done, you'll never have to worry about it again, and that's and awesome thing <_<
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PostSubject: Re: PT-ing guide   

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PT-ing guide
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