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 Is this how it is?

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PostSubject: Is this how it is?   February 15th 2008, 1:12 am

about the loot authority, if you dont know exactly how it works this might help.

the loot goes to the party that contain the single player that did most dmg on a PB. Majesty had probably been hitting that thing since it spawned so he had racked up alot of dmg that got regened but still count b4 we got there... only way we would have had a chance on geting loot was if XSoske would have been the only one killing in.. making it die slower and getting XSoske time to catch up on the dmg. Well there IS anoter way that includes PK pots Wink

but the ppl missing wouldnt have made any diffrence on that boss.

With that said ill back you on calling of the raid. If ppl online start choosing not to go then more and more will think its ok.. whitch its not when you join a guild w the policy we have.

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Is this how it is?
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