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 General PvP (for mages)

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PostSubject: CP/Raiding - some tips   February 12th 2008, 2:56 am

5 basic rules to keep in mind
1. keep moving
2. don't go near gates very often
3. be ready to teleport if you see someone bigger than you (don't try to fight them, they will call for backup if you take too long)
4. buy a wind weapon, full lv33+ ranger gear (keep it hotkeyed), jetpack optional (not that useful actually)
5. easiest kills first, then move on to stronger guys

other info:
easiest target is accs - they can't tranq/entangle you
cp reset is around 7pm EST (12 am GMT), at this time everyone gives cp
max loss is 3% of your current cp
best times to go are an hour after cp reset and an hour after cw (after the high lvls decide to move on to bigger fish)
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PostSubject: General PvP (for mages)   February 12th 2008, 3:21 am

- If the opponent is around your level you will have to debuff, otherwise go straight for your skills
- Weakness is not that useful for pvp
- Elemental burn is also not that useful for pvp
- Hell bless doesn't do what it says it does
- If it is not a 1v1, try to even the odds as much as possible with debuffs or try to split them up by running away.
- Don't use air t2 spells, keep purge ready at all times.
- If you see someone in ranger gear running around, go for them first before they switch to their real gear. Nothing like a free kill that would normally never happen.

- Go for mages first if you encounter more than 1 bell - they can heal.
- Mages
* Important debuffs: Soul Mute, Tranquility, Ensnare, Force Revoke
* Basic strat: lay as many debuffs on them as you can before they can do the same to you (go for soul mute first, then tranquility), it takes them longer to purge everything than it will take you to cast them, giving you a free kill pretty much.
* Important debuffs: Soul Mute, Entangle, Desolate, Ensnare, Skill Revoke
* Basic strat: remember to soul mute because it is a t1 spell which means they can use it too! Other than that, fighting them is pretty self-explanatory. Don't be ashamed to call for more dps if a shield miller shows up.
* Basic strat: hit it with t3 spells and run away. Repeat. If you die, run back and repeat. Make him pay hard for his cp. Drivers are usually gimped so it shouldn't be terribly hard to kill them.
* Other: Don't try debuffing, they don't work. If you ensnare an MAU driver before they get in their MAU, the MAU will walk.

- Always go for strikers first, they are usually gimped and are probably going to be the only threat to you.
- Do not go after tanks holding shields
- Yes, their specs are hard to kill
- Strikers
* Important debuffs: Entangle, Desolate, Skill Revoke, Sloth, Power Drain, Blindness
* Basic strat: hit them with entangle once they switch to siege mode and get as far away as you can while still being able to cast, then hit them with skill revoke, desolate, blindness, power drain and sloth in that order (the lower level they are, the less you need to cast). Just remember that they are immobile while in siege mode so just stand out of their sight range (blindness ftw). Without their skills and compound siege they aren't that fearsome.
- Tanks and specs
* Important debuffs: Entangle, Desolate, Skill Revoke, Ensnare
* Basic strat: hit them hard and they will die. That is all. Keep purge ready in case you go against a spec.
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PostSubject: Re: General PvP (for mages)   February 12th 2008, 8:32 pm

good tips, thanks! xD

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PostSubject: Re: General PvP (for mages)   February 14th 2008, 3:33 am

BIG THX realy helpfull
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PostSubject: Re: General PvP (for mages)   

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General PvP (for mages)
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