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 Schedule for PitBoss

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PostSubject: Schedule for PitBoss   February 12th 2008, 2:01 am

Everyone please be ready to start pb runs at 7:30pm EST (12:30am GMT). If you are confused about the timezones, just google it.
Being ready means waiting by splinter's spawn with aa pots for everyone but the tank, prot pots for the tank, fp, hp and sp pots for everyone and enough town portal scrolls for the run.

As far as quest pbs go, the quest goes to the party that gets the last hit so I'd rather just leave it up to chance since we do pbs every day anyways. We'll all eventually get the quest, even if it does take a really long time. Please don't whine if you didn't get the quest, just move to the next pb.

I'll be making periodical posts about the pb run start time, so keep an eye out. It is apparently dependent on the maintenance times. More from doz later probably.

As far as our policy on non-requiem joining parties, I believe we should allow them in for quest pbs and kick them right after.

UPDATE: Splinter spawn time is 7:17pm EST (12:17am GMT), be ready by 7:10 EST and waiting at his spawn!!!

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Schedule for PitBoss
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